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Our consulting service and customer care program covers the most important aspects of cannabis business at large, as well as focusing on every detail, that could be important and helpful for you on achieving success and prosperity in this industry.

Dientra System Dabbing

We guarantee you the most profound experience with our newest device Dientra System Dabbing Chamber. You will see the new approach in meditation technique, from different angle and prospective. We help you to achieve the ultimate harmony with  you body, mind and soul. The Universe itself will be your journey's tour guide.

Products consulting

You could ask any Questions and get Answers on any subjects related to cannabis industry. Our group of experts will provide you with all confidential inside information regarding cannabis product strain and  effectiveness, recommendations on newest technology and inventions in cannabis industry. 

Client Assesment

Our group of experts will interview and asses your current needs in medicinal cannabis products, answer all your questions regarding available products and services, make  recommendations on how to use our products effectively.

Always keep your positive attitude up and believe in Mother Nature.

 Ask for Assistance.

International Business Consulting for Medicinal and Recreational Cannabis Industry

With the medicinal and recreational Cannabis industry beginning to flourish both nationally and internationally, we have paid careful attention to the changing climate globally , as well as growing awareness and shifting political policies towards the medicinal and recriational use of Cannabis.

Keeping up with each of these shifts in Global consciousness and policy towards Cannabis, as well as the ever-changing trends and new products available on the market, gives us a unique and adaptive way to consult on all different aspects of the Cannabis Industry, from Cultivation, Extraction Methods, Packaging, Logistic, Marketing, Distribution and Retail. 

Ask for Assistance.

Private Business Consulting program


for cannabis industry and individuals, who would like to develop their own business. Our group of  cannabis industry experts will give you the "inside information" on successful business developing stories, how to calculate "Start up" budgeting and running your company to profitable and steady income generating machine. "Hands on" experience and secrets of success will be fully exposed and explained to you "step by step" in confidential and private matter.

Ask for Assistance.

Sign up for Distributor program with Dientra System INC.


 of legal representatives and sales consultants in California and other States. Sign up to our program and become a distributor of our service and products. Excellent pay plan and opportunity to develop and grow your own business. Take an advantage of our offer today and stay with our group to learn "hand on" experience in marketing, sales and organizing a trade shows. Help and educate others, and be your own boss.

Ask for Assistance.

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What our customers are saying

I have to thank Dientra System INC. and specially to Master Vlad for your efforts, your knowledge that you shared, your expertise and excellent customer service. Keep up a good work! 

Elinor Sunders. Cannabis Collective owner. Settle, WA

What our customers are saying

Dear Colleagues! Let me express my respect to your company, and personally Vlad for sharing such valuable information. I've had great experience and I am ready to use it in my business.

Andrew Kramer. Cannabis Treatment Center. Israel 

What our customers are saying

Thank you for your help with financial assistance program. I've got all details on cannabis industry business loans and the referrals I was looking for.

Lora Schmidt, Owner of  CannGrow Inc. CA 

Service Prices

Compare the our service packages and find the best fit for you.

Business Consulting


Business consulting package with confidential,  non-disclosed agreement on budgeting, marketing info and samples of our products will be provided.

Best Package Offer - helping to develop your own Cannabis Collective and get exclusive supply source.

Individual or small group session (4)


Personal Assessment 


Personal interview with one of our experts in Cannabis industry. Recommendations and product samples are provided.

Best for General Information request regarding cannabis industry and personal needs.

Individual only, by appointment


Dubbing with Dientra


Visit our Dientra System Collective LLC office to experience the finest product and Transcended Meditation session simultaneously.  

Best for the first time customer with less experience in our products. Feel the best!

Individual only, by appointment