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 At some time we recognize the wisdom in being open to new ways of finding, trusting and practicing ways of being more genuinely powerful. This includes doing things for yourself that help you spend more and more of your time being calm, loving, and trusting and in harmony with the Universe. Doing well for others raises your energy and consciousness, and that is a humanity.


The free energy of the Universe, which is circulating everywhere, has significant and abundant benefits for the human body, mind and soul. By using this energy, the DiEnTra System INC. can reset the whole human body to a default stage, where you will feel like you have been cleaned inside out by the powerful life forces to the point of being fully restored and rejuvenated.

Authentic devise for increasing your meditation experience and tapping to the Universe

Dientra System Meditation device 

The Dientra System, which is abbreviation for Divine Energy Transmitter, is a based on pyramid structure system and the sacred geometry of the basic elements of the Great Giza Pyramids. The model of Giza Pyramid then has been charged and activated with a Nikola Tesla coil Transformer generating 3 million volts of power. This unique process maintains a free-flowing charge of energy that activates and enhances and preserves any objects in its vicinity. 

With the healing power of Medicinal Cannabis concentrates is what makes the Dientra System Collective a truly unique approach to healing and promoting well being.

We have selected only the highest quality and most medicinal cannabis concentrates available.

We are very happy and feel truly blessed to be able to bring two very powerful healing elements together into such a unique new format never seen before in the Medicinal Cannabis community .

We cordially invite you to experience for yourself the fusion of these two ancient healing methods into one truly unique system .

Meditation and charging devise for harvest the free energy of the Universe
Exclusive and proprietary dabbing and meditation system

Dabbing and  Meditation Chamber

Utilizing both the healing and restorative powers of medicinal cannabis extracts with the ancient technologies and preservation aspects of the Pyramids of Giza and their sacred geometry, we have been able to create a system that successfully synthesizes these two ancient methods into one very singular healing experience. 

Welcome to dabbing with the Universe!

We welcome you to experience for yourself, firsthand, this unparalleled new dimension of Consciousness and Well-being.

Dabbing with the Universe

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